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Choosing the Wedding Bands

Choosing your wedding rings, there are a few choices to consider carefully; Will you both want to wear bands or will it only be the bride? Do you want to wear your wedding band together with the engagement ring or on another finger? If you want to wear the rings together you should choose a wedding band that enhances the beauty of both rings. You can choose a classic and timeless ring, or you may want a very special wedding band. We do our outmost to guide you when it comes to wedding rings, and are filled with joy for all the couples we have sent out the door full of love for each other.

Which Finger?

Most couples choose to wear their wedding bands on the fourth finger of their left hand, closest to their hearts, thereby symbolically declaring their eternal love for each other. The bride will often wear her wedding band below her engagement ring. Before you walk down the aisle, the bride will move her engagement ring to her right hand, and after you have exchanged wedding bands, she slips her engagement ring back on top of the wedding band. Wedding rings are a tradition that goes back many centuries, having been manifested in the wedding customs of many nations and religious groups- The most important thing to remember is that there are many traditions but no rules.

Bride and Groom Wedding Day Gifts

Often brides and grooms will give gifts to each other on the morning before or after the ceremony. The groom may choose a pair of earrings, the bride maybe a pair of cufflinks with hers and his initials or the date of your wedding engraved.

These gifts are exchanged the morning after the wedding. It is indeed a lovely tradition that allows husband and wife to give each other something special on their first morning as a married couple.

Something Borrowed...

…something blue, something old and something new.

Two old couplet directs that the bride shall wear these four things at her wedding for good luck. Something old may be your mother’s veil or your grandmother’s string of pearls. Something new may be a gift from the groom, or a pair of earrings you have dreamt of for months and which you finally decide to purchase. Something borrowed may be your best friend’s bracelet, and something blue may be a blue velvet ribbon sewn to your undergarment or even a beautiful blue flower in your bouquet.

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