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Pernille Elsass

“The many expressions of the Moon inspired me ever since I was a young girl. The spectacular variations from pale white and perfectly circular shapes with razor-sharp edges on the night sky, to the rich orange, soft and full-bodied ball-shaped forms, so close you could almost touch it” – Pernille Elsass

Jewellery by Pernille Elsass

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About Pernille

Pernille Elsass creates exclusive designs to women with exquisite taste and desires for genuine jewelry. All pieces are handmade, made in solid precious metals and finest quality gems.

Elsass combines classic elegance and Scandinavian minimalism with sensuous and contemporary luxury jewelry. Her designs are created for both spectators, and in particular for the owner herself.

The moon inspired Pernille Elsass’s current jewelry series. Pernille makes honest and straightforward designs. What you see is what you get. She never compromises on quality, her jewelry pieces are all solid. Never hollow nor gold plated.

Pernille was educated at the City and Guilds of London Institute and at the Copenhagen Technical College in combination with her apprenticeship at goldsmith Bodil Binner.

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