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Our Workshop
& Materials

The subtle presence of the adjoining workshop add to the distinct atmosphere of No.10 Edith Hegedüs.

Precious Metals

We work primarily in 14 og 18 carat yellow gold which is a conscious decision only to work with the finest materials. We treat the surface of each piece – either to give it a rough appearance or a more gentle mood by brushing it matte. In this manner each piece of jewelry in No.10 will have its own personal expression.

Our white gold is likewise 14 or 18 carat and often polished and rhodium-plated which makes it appear more white.

All our silver jewelry is stearling silver. White or oxidized.

Gemstones & Diamonds

The jewelers in No.10 all work with a variety of different precious natural gemstones. We have sapphires in all colors (not limited to the classic blue) colored diamonds, vintage agates (some of the oldest stones in recorded history),emeralds (a delicate and fragile gemstone with a stunning and radiant green color), aquamarines (the word aquamarine comes from Latin and is derived from two words aqua, ‘water’, and marina, meaning ‘of the sea’), sapphires, rubies, citrines and many more.

We work with colored stones in many different cuts and colors. For example a wonderful facetted blue sapphire, a vibrant oval purple spinelle, a princess cut diamond or a opaque  moon stone cabochon.

Pearls & Coral

Pearls are very personal. They are also very different in shape, size and quality. We often start looking for the right pearl from a variety of pearls. Because each pearl can have a very specific expression.

The value of pearls also differ. We hand pick our pearls from its size, condition, shape, density and color to fit each specific piece.

Our fresh water pearls come in white, rose and nude. We work with south sea Tahiti pearls, Acoya peals, salt water pearls and many more.

Beside our wide selection of unique hand picked pearls we work with hand-cut Italian or Japanese coral.

Vintage Treasures

I seek inspiration in past history and my love of beautiful creations of craftsmanship. My treasure hunts and travels for inspiration often result in finding vintage petit-point embroidery, French Jet or genuine Whitby Jet that I redefine into high-end distinctive jewelry pieces.

This could be an old sports medal found at a New York City flea market transformed into a new gold and diamond pendant. Or pieces from vintage Italian glass mosaic changed into a large multicolored solitaire ring.

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