• Autumn Leaves

    Flowerisme.com v. Stine Harttung står bag dette efterårs vinduesudstilling i No.10. Med anderledes og meget smukke kunstige blomster – yndige liljer og dragende mørke orkideer, sætter Harttung nye standarder for vores syn på det uægte. Stine holder selv meget af de støvede og dæmpede farver, men sætter gerne en lys nuance ind som en legende …

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  • Stine Harttung

    “But just to keep alive isn’t enough…To live you must have sunshine and freedom and a little flower to love!” Stine Harttung is the creative force behind Flowerisme.com, a small flower studio in Hørsholm. Promoting a new look on and a sustainable attitude towards artificial flowers, Stine Harttung has followed her dream and with a …

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  • Nadia Shelbaya

      “I love women who embrace their sexuality, their deficiencies, their wisdom and ability.” – Nadia Shelbaya Nadia Shelbaya is a Copenhagen based gemmologist and jewellery designer known for her eye-catching mix of Middle Eastern opulence and Scandinavian minimalism. Since founding  her studio in 2016, she has developed a devoted following owing to her stunning   …

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  • Julie Wettergren

    Julie Wettergren is the designer behind Julie Wettergren Jewelery. After 16 years in Læderstræde in Copenhagen, Julie closed her beautiful shop Wettergren and Wettergren and chose new exciting ways. We have been lucky that she has chosen No.10 to represent her as the only store. in Copenhagen. Julie Wettergren is an incomparable creative soul. Everything she …

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  • Diamant Certifikat · Windiam Diamanter Antwerpen · No.10 Edith Hegedüs

    Windiam & No.10 Edith Hegedüs

    We are very proud to represent the most estimated diamond company in Antwerp. It enables us to offer the best in diamonds as well as adhere to all treaties to limit trade in diamonds from conflict areas. It includes Kimberley Process and other initiatives from organizations such as the UN and World Diamond Congress. We …

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  • Marie-Louise Joensen

    Marie-Louise Joensen is the designer behind MARYLOU Jewellery. She has had a dream of becoming a goldsmith since she was very young. A friend of the family introduced her to the industry and taught her some basic techniques, which later developed through courses and schooling. Her jewelry is whimsical and taken out of an adventure. …

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  • Typography · New Visual Identity by Louise Zyskind · No.10 Edith Hegedüs

    New visual identity

    Along with the development of our online shop, a brand new logo and visual identity has been created by graphic designer Louise Zyskind. The visual identity will gradually be implemented and can already be seen on our shop window as well as our new website. GemGem GemGem GemGem

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  • Visual identity · Louise Zyskind Graphic Design · No.10 Edith Hegedüs

    Louise Zyskind

    As a graphic designer Louise Zyskind is dedicated to developing effective and relevant design solutions with strong ideas and a meticulous approach to typography – distinctive and well-crafted work. Since graduating from Visual Communication at Designskolen Kolding in 2001, with a year of Photography at Glasgow School of Art, Louise worked several years at Third …

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  • Paper Art · M.E.S.H. No.10 Edith Hegedüs

    VOGUE Memories

      Once again Marianne Eriksen Scott-Hansen made a spectacular oppulent garland of summer flowers for the Window. The silk paper flowers in douche colors were inspired by a vintage Vogue magazine from the 1950’s. Through out the humid summer months pedestrians and tourists could almost smell the flowers from the shop. Never has The Window been photographed so much! …

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  • M.E.S.H. Marianne Eriksen Scott-Hansen

    Marianne Eriksen Scott-Hansen

      M.E.S.H. by Marianne Eriksen-Scott Hansen creates artistic ‘paper couture’. Haute couture fashion accessories and unique interior paper decorations for celebration, events, shows and branding. Marianne Eriksen Scott-Hansen graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – The School of Design in 1995. She has designed from ‘fashion’ to ‘fine jewellery’ for brands like Levi …

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