Nadia Shelbaya

“I love women who embrace their ‘wholeness’ – own up to their femininity, their flaws, and their wit. This is the woman I have in my thoughts when I design”.

Jewellery by Nadia Shelbaya

About Nadia

Nadia Shelbaya’s jewellery is sensual, tactile and often spun over the contrast between her Egyptian and Danish ancestry. Nadia works intuitively and playfull with precious metals, pearls and precious stones.

Her inspiration comes from travel, art and the female approach to the world. She creates jewellery for the woman who experiences the world on the basis of her heart and conviction, and drawn by the beauty of the materials.

Nadia is originally cand. mag. in French and Rhetoric, but continued as a gemmologist and jewelelry designer in London and later at the Technical School in Copenhagen.

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