Line Nørgaard

“Jewellery must not determine a style, but rather inspire, and emphasise personality. They must be able to be worn in any way, depending on the occasion and mood. The same earring should be able to spice up a coarse knitwear and dress down a fancy outfit! ”

Jewellery by Line Nørgaard

About Line

Line Nørgaard is a jewellery designer and self-taught goldsmith, educated product developer/fashion designer in 1990.

Line has been working as a fashion designer for many years, but in 2007 turned her hobby and great passion into her vocation, by opening her own goldsmith workshop and boutique showroom, from where she creates all jewellery by hand.

Line is fascinated by precious materials and fine craftsmanship. She is on an eternal hunt for inspiration, shapes, colours and new materials. Precious stones, pearls and diamonds are carefully selected by skilled suppliers. Most stones are hand-cut and appear to be small one-of-a-kinds – it makes the jewellery more personal. Each stone has its own beautiful unique silk shear.

Contrast plays a major role in the design, which must have an edge. The look can be classic-bohemian, raw-elegant or cool and feminine. The design is rather understated than too glamorous, and always clean and simple.

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