Con Amore

Interests, friendships and the twists and turns of my career shape the background of my Con Amore projects and collaborations – each of which has it’s own story.

Hegedüs von Qualen

Hegedüs & von Qualen is a joint venture with dress tailor Rikke von Qualen. Deploying our passion for vintage design, beauty and craft, we transform cross-stitch decorations from the 50’s and 60’s into unique jackets.

I met Rikke as a customer at her vintage dress shop, when I hired her to tailor a cropped jacket for a wedding party outfit. The idea of a collaboration emerged over the following year and has so far resulted in the ‘Lost but Found’ jacket collections.

Lost but Found

Through the years my mother and I have collected vintage cross-stitch decorations from flea markets, travels and antique shops. The time-consuming and meticulously handcrafted motifs tell a tale of a past era of women and their heritage. Their stories are reinterpreted and preserved in these exquisite cropped jackets.

Sold exclusively in the No.10 Edith Hegedüs online shop and at luxury fashion store Holly Golightly in Copenhagen.

Stoltze & Hegedüs

Nicolette Stoltze and I met for the first time as ballet children in Copenhagen. The meeting between the two of us has resulted in Stoltze & Hegedüs – a strong jewellery collaboration steadily rooted in timeless elegance.

Nicolette and I are both educated master goldsmiths, and have embraced traditional values and the rich history of Danish design. We complement each other perfectly in the design process, leading to an extensive range of jewellery, all with a strong story representing the decided mood.

The Stoltze & Hegedüs collaboration has resulted in a fashion led interpretation of cutting edge Danish jewellery design and exquisite materials.

For Baum und Pferdgarten

Stoltze & Hegedüs’ first collection, a collaboration with Danish fashion house Baum und Pferdgarten, has resulted in a perfect merge of trends, playfulness and classic goldsmith techniques represented by chic, simplistic and uncompromising features complementing the urban boheme.

The collection has been created with a focus in decorative modernism. A classic take on colours, but with and interpretive take on the mode of expression has led to intricate pieces of jewellery with a very Scandinavian touch.

Vintage Treasures

I seek inspiration in past history and my love of beautiful creations of craftsmanship. My treasure hunts vary from country to country and my exquisite finds from century to century – they are a limitless source of inspiration.

The composition, the tactility or the pure beauty of a find makes it irresistible for me to redefine its purpose and create a unique piece of jewellery. A Victorian button ornamented in the late 18th century becomes an elegant ring. Miniature pressed flowers from a Paris flea market is turned into a delicate pendant for a necklace. Engraved coral from The Amalfi Coast, findings from the Grand Bazar in Istanbul or something quite different is transformed to a distinctive piece of jewellery.

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