• Paper Art · M.E.S.H. No.10 Edith Hegedüs

    VOGUE Memories

      Once again Marianne Eriksen Scott-Hansen made a spectacular oppulent garland of summer flowers for the Window. The silk paper flowers in douche colors were inspired by a vintage Vogue magazine from the 1950’s. Through out the humid summer months pedestrians and tourists could almost smell the flowers from the shop. Never has The Window been photographed so much! …

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  • The Night Manager · Jewellery by Josephine Bergsøe · No.10 Edith Hegedüs

    The Night Manager

      The British-American drama series “The Night Manager”, directed by the Danish director Susanne Bier, had its first premier in England this February. The series has already had great recognition both abroad and in Denmark for its elegant expression, created by the Danish stylist Signe Sejllund. All pieces of jewellery worn by the female lead …

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  • Leaves of Poetry

    With Edith’s jewellery as an overall focus point, illustrator Mia Overgaard creates a universe of delicate drawings in simple and Nordic grey nuances, where flora and fauna surround, capture and compliment.     We look very much forward to welcoming Mia Overgaard at No.10 with her drawings specially commissioned for our jewellery gallery. The motives …

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  • Polly Wales · Fine Handcrafted Jewellery · No.10 Edith Hegedüs

    Polly Wales Jewellery

      Polly Wales is the creative and founding director behind her brand of fine handcrafted jewellery that does not seek to sell us false dreams of glossy, magazine ready perfection. Rather it offers an honest, imperfect beauty that is natural and attainable- a beauty that will continue to change and evolve over a lifetime and …

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  • Poster Design · The Diamond Poster · No.10 Edith Hegdüs

    The Diamond Poster

    In connection with the “City of Jewellery”arranged by Københavns Guldsmedelaug, No.10 Edith Hegedüs presents the poster “The Diamond”. The poster is designed by Christian Ramsø and exhibited in No.10 Edith Hegedüs during October 2015. Can be purchased at PLOXX.       GemGem GemGem

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  • Pearls and Paper · Jewellery and Paper Flowers · No.10 Edith Hegedüs

    Pearls & Paper

      Goldsmith Rebecca Elbek ‘pops up’ in No.10 Edith Hegedüs along with paper artist Marianne Eriksen Scott-Hansen.  Rebecca’s jewellery is a true love affair of gold, precious stones and raw diamonds. Rebecca is an expert of beautifully combining innovative designs with the most precious materials, and each piece of jewellery is uniquely created with a …

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  • Paper Flowers · No.10 Edith Hegedüs

    Flower Theater

    My good friend and fellow design school student at The Royal Academy of Design, Marianne Eriksen Scott-Hansen‘s paper couture dressed The Window in summer 2015. Her airy and feminine flower designs compliments the jewelry perfectly. Window dressing and staging is important to me and a major part of my business. Making a remarkable, creative and surprising display …

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