Marie-Louise Joensen

’Jewellery is frosting on top of the cake – and I love being able to make that frosting, and at the same time be the creator of memories.’

Jewellery by Marie-LouiseJoensen


MaryLou Jewellery is a dreamy glimpse of oriental impressions collected on Marie-Louise Joensen’s many travels to the East and then refined with a northern sense of simplicity.

Inspired by the woman who walks the dusty roads of India, heavily decorated with her gold jewellery and strong makeup, MaryLou Jewellery celebrates a desire for embellishment, where more is more and individual expression is key.

With a playful approach, Marie-Louise Joensen continuously explores the contrasts between the richness of colours and decorations of the East and the clean lines of Scandinavian design traditions, creating a luxurious and contemporary vibe.

Every piece of MaryLou Jewellery is handmade of precious metals, coupled with a fondness for coloured gemstones and pearls.

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