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No.10 Edith Hegedüs exhibits jewellery from a careful selection of designers. All jewellery is made by hand, exclusive, unique and personal. Below is a list of our current designers.

Edith Hegedüs

Edith’s jewellery is made by hand, exclusive, unique and personal, like the cinematic, edgy and eclectic atmosphere of the gallery – an air of ‘romantic film noir’.

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Nicolette Stoltze

“Precious passion – crafted with love”

Nicolette Stoltze has a unique sense of form, design and colour palette. The jewellery is made with the greatest love and true passion for gems, finish and detail, making the jewellery appear classic, and yet avantgarde.

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Pernille Elsass

“The many expressions of the Moon inspired me ever since I was a young girl. The spectacular variations from pale white and perfectly circular shapes with razor-sharp edges on the night sky to rich orange, soft and full-bodied ball-shaped forms so close you could even touch it”

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Pernille Elsass

Fine craftmanship, genuine materials and an original design are key concepts in Louise Degn’s work as a goldsmith. To this she adds a great sense of humor

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Charlotte Cort Koppel

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

Charlotte adheres to her Danish heritage and has a great love and respect for contemporary Scandinavian aesthetics and artisanal craftsmanship

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Bodil Binner

My creativity is rooted in Nordic minimalism and the world-famous Nordic light. My major source of inspiration is the sea, and in this deep blue world of silence, I collect impressions which are later transformed into jewellery.

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