Bodil Binner

My creativity is rooted in Nordic minimalism and the world-famous Nordic light. My major source of inspiration is the sea, and in this deep blue world of silence, I collect impressions which are later transformed into jewellery.

Jewellery by Bodil Binner


For more than 25 years, goldsmith Bodil Binner has adorned women and men with creations made of precious metals, diamonds and cultured pearls – classic, iconic and essential must-haves. Bodil Binner’s speciality is customized unique jewellery for the momentous events in life such as weddings and birthday celebrations, and fine jewellery for everyday wear.

Bodil Binner has chosen to work with traditional goldsmith materials, in linear, solid and symmetric designs. The handmade pieces emerge confident and bold, in a balance between strength and fragility.

Bodil Binner received her formal training as a goldsmith at Kirsten Pontoppidan’s workshop in Copenhagen in 1994; she then apprenticed as a silversmith conservator at Morgen Bjørn Andersen in Raadvad in 1996, graduated from the Institute of Precious Metals in Copenhagen in 1998, and finally as a diamond grader in 2006 and a pearl grader in 2007 in Antwerp. In 2009, Bodil Binner was the co-arranger and participant in an exhibition of tiaras at the Royal Residence Museum in Copenhagen; in 2012, in an exhibition of pearls at The Royal Danish Collection – and later the same year, Bodil Binner in an exhibition of ballet jewellery at The Royal Stage in Copenhagen.

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